Happy Days Diner

The 50s are still considered one of the most cool times. Diners, rock’n'roll, milkshakes, leather jackets. All this we got to experience in the middle of Paris at the Happy Days Diner at Chatelet.

Hello 50s!

The hamburgers were delicisous, and I would know, since I am not a big fan. And the milshakes – oh dear, I haven’t had a milkshake that good. Again, a place worth going for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, just pick one :)


watch out for the caddy

pale blue and pink with checkerboard tiles (and a gas pump) :D

from days when ice cream was 1 cent - nostalgia

you can sleep when you are dead :D

OH yeah!

speculoos milkshake to die for!

a diner's must - jukebox

inspired we continued with the Grease movie night - best memories!

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Le Grand Colbert

Ever since I’ve seen the Something’s Gotta Give movie I wished not only to go to Paris but to dine at Le Grand Colbert.

Le Grand Colbert at 23h

I wanted to take my parents when they were visiting, but sadly something went wrong (I read the menu on their webpage and got scared, because there were no prices –> my interpretation: TOOO EXPENSIVE).

lurking through the window

Then when I passed it once during an afternoon walk I saw the menu and the prices were actually quite normal for a nice restaurant in Paris (around 20 eur per main course).

very classic

So Le Grand Colbert ended up being our after-exam reward dinner. And what a reward it was. The roast chicken with spices was worth all the praise in the movie, the spinach was cooked just right and was REAL (not the frozen crap they usually serve) and to round everything up with their delicious L’Ile Flottant in this dimmed colonial looking restaurant, was a great official end of my/our exchange.

THE roast chicken

Spinach (duck with potato in the bg)

floating island - egg white cooked in milk, floating in vanilla cream with roasted almonds

happy students

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ESSEC in pictures

As my days at ESSEC are sadly over (yes, I can say I am sad I won’t be going to school there anymore), I must post at least some representative pictures of the obligatory part of this exchange.

if there is a problem on the RER from Paris this is how Auber station looks like 9am!

Campus from afar - arriving from the train station

Le Grand Hall - where something is always happening

Scary weekly changeable class schedule

group study booths

cafeteria upstairs...

...and downstairs

the atrium or during breaks: Cancer zone

lurking into the library

park/lake behind the school

Then there is interesting stuff – I forgot to keep track of numerous events going on in school every day, let alone take pictures of them. I did however catch a couple unusual school “activities” (ranging from least to most unusual):

BMW fair

chocolate fair

shopping avenue

lamas! in the small atrium

test drives of wheelchairs on polygons

fake surfing

Human bowling!


Add a free food day every now and then, a whole hall of candy and a random whole day party at the gym – Yes, it was fun!

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Puttin’ on the Ritz

It was the perfect combination on a dreary Friday afternoon – the rain and wind outside and us – sitting in the oh-so-marvelous Bar de Vendome at the Ritz.

YouTube Preview Image

I felt as cosy as I usually do in front of a fireplace on the Christmas Eve – serene tranquility would best describe the atmosphere. There was noise of course, since the bar was quite crowded, but a now and then far away glass on glass sound, a reserved laugh or an intimate whisper only added to the whole experience.

Of course when the piano started to caress our ears and when the light breeze greeted us through the open terrace-door we just wanted to stay in that moment forever.

21 eur Cheese cake - WORTH EVERY CENT!!!

Sadly we had to leave and to indulge and spoil ourselves even more, we ended at the Rue St. Honore‘s famous chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin. Simply worth going, even if you only want to see chocolate Eifell towers and Ray Ban glasses. But I assure you, you will end up buying something – it is impossible to resist while being surrounded by their chocolate masterpieces.

little treats of Rue St. Honore

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Prix de Diane Horse Racing

On Sunday we decided to have a break from studying too hard and rather dress up, hat up (some of us) and go to Chantilly. Why? To attend the horse race of them all – Prix de Diane.

ladies (with hats)

horse racing! (photo by Mickis)

The event has a longer than long history – it was first held in 1843 and the only times it was canceled was during both world wars.

very popular with the crowds (photo by George)

Crowds of Parisians flock to Chantilly to flaunt their hats, fancy attire or some – to watch the horse races and bet. The entrance is free for people wearing hats and as it turned out, our humble and tiny hair pieces counted as a free pass to the hat parade (horse races).

our tiny hair decorations were also considered as hats --> free entrance :)

gigantic hats

eccentric hats (photo by Elin)

over the top hats

guy arty hats (photo by Mickis)

cool hats (photo by George)

on the race course

picnicking in fancy atire

sitting around on white sofas (photo by George)

The horse racing, to say the truth, was like a cherry on a sundae – short and sweet, but as a social event, it was definitely worth attending. We strutted on the red carpet, we sat on the grass, we bet on a random horse and yes, took an abundant amount of pictures.

Going back to Paris was as going back a century – the platform was packed with gowns, top hats, tuxedos, gloves, lace, glamourous lady hats and the average age of the platform was definitely above 40. It was a fine day.

Indeed a good distraction from studying.

on the red carpet

celebrities from Sweden!

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How we study in Paris :)

Final week of exams is here and we needed some motivation and support for studying e-business. Maxi pizzas from Pizza Rustica on Montorgueil street (buy one, get one for free) were a great intro into the learning process – sort of.

we had problems even fitting them through the door...



end of pizzas, start of studying;) (compare plate vs. slice size!)

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Peter O’Connor ESSEC

trying out something new to draw traffic to my blog :)

Hello Peter O’Connor – best teacher in the world from ESSEC.

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Du Pain et des Idees

Yes, I have been very inactive on my blog recently, all because I have s***loads of work for school to do and very little time. I actually thought I would be able to post interesting things about Stockholm, where I was suppose to escape this weekend, but sadly, I had to cancel that too, all in the hopes of finishing all the work for next week during this sunny and tempting weekend.

So, the only thing I actually have to do (sadly) is eat thus instead of going to a boulangerie around the corner I decided to take a stroll to Place de Republique and try supposedly the best and oldest boulangerie in Paris (thanks to my mother’s kind email about it).

award certified

I took my neighbor with me and our half an hour walk very much payed off at Du Pain et des Idees. It is a very small bakery, old ex- and interior, but the aromas around it were ridiculously tempting. We both chose our brunch delights – mine was of course a croissant (cannot test a bakery without this one), mini spinach roll and dark rye bread with hazelnuts (first for me, always had rye bread with walnuts). And the verdict – everything was delicious and by the sounds of my neighbor, her raisin roll was heavenly as well.


interior with happy Lina :)

It was quite funny really, sitting outside and indulging, since one could hear so many interesting sounds from people coming out of the bakery while trying out french delicacies. Based by the comments, I have to go back for pain au chocolat :)

happy with her raisin roll

yum yum yum

And I do have to post on more photo – on our way back we saw a rather disturbing yet funny thing – little gangsta boy with a gun (fake, but still…).

bang bang

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Stohrer vs. Keiser Lemon Tart Battle

I think that my favourite french dessert is and has been the Tarte au citron (Lemon Tart). No amount of croissants and mousse au chocolats can change this fact. So, since I live around the corner from Montorgueil street, with both famous patissiers (bakers) Stohrer and Eric Keiser on my doorstep I decided to test who makes the best lemon tart in the 2nd arrondissement.

battle of the greats

open sesame

testing starting in 3...2...

They were both similar and very different. Keiser’s had more pastry and more meringue, and Stohrer’s cream was much stronger in taste and lemon aroma. My friend Nina helped to test both and we decided the winner was the more traditional and juicy master Stohrer. But, both are worth the 3 something euros that you pay for this typical and tasty delight.

toughest decision!

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Palais Royal Gardens

Sunday in Paris calls for a park visit, tea and something sweet. We went to get all this to Palais Royal Gardens in the 1st arrondissement. It was half cloudy, half sunny, but the tea and the Macaron Glace Framboise at the Cafe de Foy let the sunshine in us.

on our way we found this - nicely stacked bottles :)

Palais Royal Garden


me, Jasmin, tea and Macaron:)

pink delicacy!

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